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PCAN MiniDiag FD - Handheld Diagnostic Tool


MPN IPEH-003070

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The PCAN-MiniDiag FD is a handheld diagnostic tool for CAN and CAN FD buses. The rugged, compact device has an OLED display and runs on three replaceable batteries. It is designed for harsh environments with an increased IP42 ingress protected case and membrane keyboard.  

With the PCAN-MiniDiag FD, baud rate is automatically detected allowing for quick analysis of the network. The device uses bit timing measurements to determine the nominal bit rate for CAN and the data bit rate for CAN FD. Since the PCAN-MiniDiag FD runs in "listen-only" mode, connecting it to CAN networks will have no influence on the existing bus communications.

The MiniDiag provides the following information:

  • CAN bus termination resistance value
  • Bus load
  • Bit rate for both CAN and CAN FD
  • CAN and CAN FD error frame counts
  • CAN-High and CAN-Low voltage levels at the CAN connector


The PCAN-MiniDiag can be used with existing CAN networks and offers the new CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data rate) protocol with higher data bandwidth. This allows for data transfers at a maximum of 64 data bytes per CAN FD frame, instead of the regular 8 data bytes, and has bit rates up to 10 Mbit/s. In this instance, CAN FD extensions are not applicable with existing networks at the CAN 2.0 A/B standard.


Package Contents :

  • PCAN-MiniDiag FD in plastic casing
  • Batteries (4x 1.5 V Micro AAA)
  • User manual (PDF format)
  • Quick Start Guide (PDF format)


Documents & Drivers

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