PKV3500 Modbus to Data Highway Plus (DH+)


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MPN: DL3500-Modbus/DH+

Manufacturer: Equustek Solutions Inc.

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Product Information

Product Description

The PKV3500-DH+/Modbus provides high speed interconnectivity between an Allen-Bradley DH+ and a Modbus network. The -DH+/Modbus can be any station on DH+ and can be set to either Modbus Master or Modbus Slave. Master mode enables any DH+ station to read / write up to 100 words (per message) to any 4xxxx or 0xxxx register, and to read up to 100 words from the 1xxxx and 3xxxx registers at any Modbus Slave address from 1 to 255. Slave mode enables a Modbus Master to read or write up to 1600 coils or 100 registers (per message) to bit or integer files in any PLC-5 station on DH+ (except 0).

Modbus commands to address 0 can be "broadcast" to a selected range of DH+ stations. Modbus Plus Connectivity provides an interface to Modbus Plus via a Modicon BM85 Modbus Plus Bridge/Multiplexer.

Connect a Modicon PLC to other PLCs and HMI/MMI devices via a PKV3500

Connect a PLC tp other PLCs and HMI/MMI devices via the PKV3500 and a BM85 Bridge Mux

Serial Interfacing:
CHB - Serial 300 b to 230.4 Kb or USB Interface (Modbus)



  • Channel A: DH+
  • Channel B: Serial 300 b to 230.4 Kb or USB


  • CHA: 3-pin DH+
  • CHB: 9-pin RS232, 5-pin RS422/RS485, and USB
  • Power: 3-pin Miniature Phoenix Euro


30.4 x 120.7 x 81.3 mm


Metal Enclosure

Indicators LED

Power-On, Communications


Freestanding, DIN Rail mounting clips, or #8 bolts


DL3500 Modbus serial to DH+

Power Consumption

Less than 2 Watts

Product Weight

0.194 kg

Push Buttons

Reset, Configure/Diagnostics Mode

Temperature Range

  • Storage: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
  • Operating: 0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F)


5% to 95% (non-condensing)

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