EQ7000 - EtherNet/IP to Data Highway Plus: Data Highway Plus


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Product Information

Product Description

The EQ7000 interfaces EtherNet/IP and AB Ethernet devices with Allan-Bradley's DH+ networks. This gateway is a lightweight, Din-Rail mounted, DC powered network interface bridge. 

The EQ7000 was designed to allow EtherNet/IP devices to communicate to nodes on the DH+ network. The purpose of the EQ7000 is to eliminate the need for a ControlLogix with EtherNet/IP and DHRIO modules in order to bridge DH+ to EtherNet/IP. Currently it is only possible to send messages to DH+ devices via EtherNet/IP and not able to browse the DH+ network via EtherNet/IP using RSLinx. This functionality will be added in the near future.

EtherNet/IP Mode
To communicate to nodes on the DataHighwayPlus (DH+) network using EtherNet/IP, the procedure is identical to using a ControlLogix EtherNet/IP to DH+ Bridge. When using a device like a SLC 5/05 to access the DH+ network, the message must be setup to use MultiHop addressing. Examples are given in the manual showing how to setup the MultiHop portion of the message being sent to the EQ7000, to address a node on the DH+ network.

AB Ethernet Mode
The EQ7000 can accept messages sent by the Allen-Bradley Ethernet protocol. Therefore devices capable of communicating using AB Ethernet can access devices on the DH+ network. Browsing specific nodes on the DH+ network is possible using RSLinx. To do this, an Ethernet driver must be configured in RSLinx with the IP address of the EQ7000 mapped to each node that exists on the network.

To communicate to nodes on the DH+ network using AB Ethernet, remote messaging must be used. Using local messaging will only allow communication to a single device located at node 0 on the DH+.

Application Diagram
Below is a network diagram showing how the EQ7000 can be used to communicate between devices on Ethernet and DH+. EtherNet/IP and AB Ethernet capable devices can initiate requests for data from devices on the DH+ network by communicating through the EQ7000.

EQ7000 communicates between devices on Ethernet and DH+. EtherNet/IP & AB Ethernet devices initiate requests on DH+ network

Order Summary


Network Option

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-PKV7000-DHP Data Highway Plus EQ7000
GC-PKV7000-DH485 Data Highway 485 EQ7000


  • Works with EtherNet/IP or AB Ethernet
  • EDS File and ICON included
  • Easy Configuration over USB. Cofiguration software and USB driver included

Documents and Drivers


EQ7000 User Manual

How to Configure EQ7000

Accessing Data from DH+ Devices Using AB Ethernet and EtherNet/IP Enabled Allen-Bradley Processors Application Note



30.4 x 120.7 x 81.3 mm


Metal Housing

Included In Box

USB and Cat 5 Cables included


DIN Rail or Surface Mount



Product Weight

0.2 kg 


Configuration software and USB driver

Temperature Range

0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F)

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