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PLIN-LWL LIN Optical Coupler


MPN IPEH-004049

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The PLIN-LWL LIN Optical Coupler allows for the replacement of a LIN network segment with a fiber optic line. The cables are designed for use in hazardous areas subject to explosions or electromagnetic susceptibility such as EMI/EMC measurements.

The Optical Coupler is available in 5 meter or 10 meter cable length with 62.5/125 µm duplex line ST connectors in an aluminum casing.

The module can use the provided 12V external power supply unit or the 9 pin D-Sub connector ranging from 8 – 30 V DC for the power supply. It is also recommended to use a shielded cable for the supply and for LIN with additional EMC requirements.


Package Contents :

  • PLIN-LWL LIN Optical Coupler (5m or 10m)
  • 2 LIN to optical waveguide converters (including 12V power supply units)
  • User manual (PDF format)
  • Delivered in shockproof plastic box
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