PowerDIN 4PZ - Energy meter with LAN Wi-Fi and I/O


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Product Information

Product Description

The PowerDIN is an I/O Controller that features a 2 channel 110-230V / Max 16A relay AC output with electrical power metering capabilities for each load.  It also has 2 AC output channels for simple on/off control.  There are 2 dry contact digital inputs that can be used to connect contact closures, push-buttons or S0 meters.  Each of the 4 outputs can be switched on or off independently using the Web interface, or with Open API and NETIO Cloud.  The states of two dry contact digital inputs (including S0 pulse counts) can be also read locally or remotely.  

The PowerDIN allows monitoring and/or control over the Web, NETIO Cloud or Open API.  Integration with third-party systems using various protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet) is easy thanks to the Open API. 

The NETIO PowerDIN supports a network connection via a LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi connectivity. The PowerDIN can be configured via the LAN, Wi-Fi connection or the NFC channel.  The product’s internal web interface can be used for: 

  • The device configuration 
  • Reading the measured values 
  • Switching any of the 4 outputs on or off.

The NETIO PowerDIN is designed to fit on a DIN rail and is rated to IP20.


The NETIO PowerDIN has the following inputs and outputs:

  • The two metered 110/230V AC outputs that can be locally or remotely switched on/off with the built-in relay.
  • Two 110/230V AC outputs that support NO/NC relay contacts.
  • Two dry contact digital inputs can be used to connect contact closures, push-buttons or S0 meters.
  • Channels 1, 2: metering + relay
  • Channels 3, 4: relay contacts

The Open API enables integration with third-party systems using a wide range of protocols:

  • OPEN API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML or SNMP
  • Internal WEB interface can be used for configuring the device, reading the measured values, and switching the 4 outputs on or off.
  • NETIO Cloud is an SSL-secured service that allows controlling the outputs from anywhere (using a Web browser or Open API cloud services)
  • The NETIO Mobile2 app controls each output individually over LAN (local network) or NETIO Cloud.
  • AV drivers make it easy to connect NETIO sockets to professional Audio/Video systems such as NEETS, ELAN, CRESTRON, Control4 and more.
  • Third-party partners provide various SW solutions that can be integrated with NETIO products (Nagios, PRTG, Grafana, Prometheus, Node-Red and more.

Documents and Drivers


PowerDIN-4PZ Product Brief

PowerDIN-4PZ User Manual

PowerDIN-4PZ Quick Start Guide



106 x 91 x 62 mm - 6M (SU) DIN


Plastic Housing IP20. DIN rail mounting



  • Power: Terminal block (2.5mm2 / 22-14 AWG) 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) / max 16A
  • Digital: 2 + S0 counter (4 bytes)


  • Digital: 4 in total
  • Metered: 2 Channel 
  • DO Metered Power + Switching Element: 2x Relay + ZCS (Out 1 & Out 2: SPST-NO) – Max 16A
  • DO Relay: 2x Relay (Out 3 & Out 4: NO/NC) – Max 2A
  • Power Up State of Outputs: On / Off / LAST state



  • Wi-Fi (802.11bg)
  • LAN (RJ45) 10/100 Mb
  • Built-in WEB server



Power Consumption

Internal Consumption: Max 2 watts

Product Weight

62.4 g, 2.2 oz


Supported M2M protocols by Open API

  • Modbus/TCP
  • MQTT-flex
  • Telnet
  • http UFL API
  • http JSON (default)
  • http Push JSON
  • http Push XML
  • http XLM
  • SNMP v1
  • SNMP v3

Temperature Range

-20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

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