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PROFIBUS Adjustable Active Terminator - Pepper


MPN 101-00212A

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The T1-Pepper Adjustable Active Terminator allows for the use of non-standard PROFIBUS cable by providing adjustable impedance so as to match what is needed for PROFIBUS. It is best used in conjunction with the ComBricks SALT Module which also allows for the adjusting of the impedance at the start of the segment. By having this matching impedance, that is needed for PROFIBUS RS485 communication on BOTH ends of the cable, the segment will run smoothly with nonstandard cable.

This product can be very useful in cases where using standard PROFIBUS cable is not possible; for example, cable that has been buried in a conduit.

The DIN-rail mount T1-Pepper has two rotary switches to manipulate the values of the terminating resistor network. One switch is for the middle resistor and the other for the two pull-up resistors. The combination of these two adjustments sets the impedance and the level of the idle voltage (the so called “idle-line voltage”).

The adjustment of the idle-line voltage has an interesting side effect that is useful even when using standard PROFIBUS cable. It allows for the idle-line voltage to be raised, for example, to 2 volts (from the standard 1 volt), thus providing a 1 volt buffer from idle line interference! The T1-Pepper can be used by all fieldbuses that require active termination. It has a redundant power supply and diagnostic LEDs to indicate the status of each power source.

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