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Siemens BT200 - Profibus DP Cable Tester, Charger Included


MPN: 40210 + 40211-A

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The BT200 can quickly detect installation errors by verifying the PROFIBUS DP cable at the end of the installation phase. This simple tool requires no special knowledge to use and is easy to handle. Attach the BT200 to the first PROFIBUS connector and a test plug to the last PROFIBUS connector. Press 'Test' and the screen will display a fault or OK message.

NOTE: It can only be used when the installation is NOT running (non active masters)!

Detecting static faults

  • Breaks in the signal wires and cable shield.
  • Short-circuits between the signal wires.
  • Swapped signal wires.
  • Missing termination.

Device functionality

  • RS 485 test.
  • Power supply for line termination test.
  • RTS signal test.


  • Determining the length of the installed cable.
  • Listing of accessible slaves.

Mpn 40210 + 40211-A


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