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The SP2+ comes with 4x intelligent sensor ports which connects to the entire wide range of environmental and security based AKCP sensors. The controller comes in 2 versions, both with SNMPV3 support.

2-Port Option

Ideal option when only 1 or 2 sensors are needed for your current application, and you don’t know if more will be needed in the future. The SP2+ comes with 2 ports enabled for connecting to any 1 or 2 AKCP sensors. The other 2 ports are locked which makes future expansion to 4 ports possible. When the time comes to expand your device a simple download software purchase, 4PUN, can be used to enable the other 2 ports. 

4 Port Option

This option is ideal if you currently need 3 to 4 ports or know you will need them in the future. This option comes with all 4 ports enabled so 1 to 4 AKCP sensors can be used immediately.

Additional Features Available :

  • security features such as support for IPV6 and Radius
  • internal 4G cellular data modem with an optional GPS antenna
  • RS485 option, SP2+E, for monitoring Modbus devices such as a generator, or other industrial equipment

If interested in the additional features, please contact us for more information.

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GC-AK-SP2-PLUS-2PT 2 Port SP2+
GC-AK-SP2-PLUS-4PT 4 Port SP2+ and 4PUN
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