Temp/Humidity Sensor with Programmable LCD Display: Temperature


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Manufacturer: AKCP Co Ltd.

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Product Information

Product Description

Authorized North America Distributor StampThe AKCP LCD Sensor Display plugs into any sensorProbe+ (SP2+)  base unit and can be programmed to display the data from any AKCP Intelligent or virtual sensor.

Mount a single display on the end of an aisle, on the door of every cabinet, or on the wall of the room. LED indicators alert if a sensor is in critical condition, as well as the on screen display of the critical or warning status.

 Includes a built-in temperature sensor, or if humidity is an issue, select the built-in Temperature/Humidity sensor option, 

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Sensor Type

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-AK-LCD-THS Temperature/Humidity LCD-THS


  • Easy to read, high quality backlit LCD display
  • Connects to available sensor port on sensorProbe+
  • Program to display specific sensors
  • Keyhole mounting
  • LED Status indicator

Documents and Drivers


Temp/Humidity Sensor Datasheet


Cable Length

Run length is 30 feet (10 meters) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP

Communications cable

RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable


169.67mm x 97.1mm x 31.18mm (6.68in x 3.82in x 1.23in)


LCD Display data

  • 88.95 x 53.42 mm (3.5in x 2.1in)
  • Continuous embedded temperature display
  • Display up to 8 sensors in standard rotation list, configured via SP+ web interface with preview.
  • Display sensor status, Warning or Critical
  • Display sensor units: °C, °F, %rh, %, V, (m)A, (k)W, (k)Wh
  • Display unit’s IP address when plugged in
  • Display swing handle lock status: Open, Closed
  • Blue backlight

Indicators LED

2 global status LEDs : Warning and Critical status

Measurement Accuracy

  • Maximum ±0.3 at -40ºC, minimum ±0.3 at +25ºC and ±0.3 at +75ºC
  • Maximum ±0.6 at -40ºF, minimum ±0.6 at +25ºC and ±0.6 at +167ºF

Measurement Range

-40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F)

Measurement Resolution

0.1°C increments 0.2°F increments




Powered by the sensorProbe+ familiy units. No additional power needed

Power Consumption

Typical 220 mWatt, 40 mA

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