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UDS1100 - Serial to 10 / 100M Ethernet Device Server

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SKU: GC-UDS1100-01

MPN: UD1100001-01

Manufacturer: Lantronix

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The UDS1100 is an intelligent single channel Serial-to-Ethernet cable adaptor that enables any device or machine with a serial port (RS232/RS422/RS485) to become network and Internet-enabled.

The integrated Web Server allows any attached serial device to be 'contacted' and monitored via a standard Internet browser. TCP/IP is embedded into the UDS1100, enabling it to operate within non-PC environments. The adaptor features a Modem Emulation Mode, allowing it to behave like a modem but communicate over TCP/IP.

The UDS1100 can be integrated into a system with minimal set-up; the Device Installer configuration utility is provided which allows quick and easy customization to suit any network or serial device.

Virtual Comm Port drivers are provided to allow a UDS1100-connected device to communicate with existing software over TCP/IP (for Windows operating systems). Built into the Com Port Redirector software, TruPort® technology enables Windows-based applications to access and control serial ports on the UDS1100 as if they were actually local PC serial ports. The application can monitor and set hardware pins on the UDS1100 serial ports as well as access serial buffers for total Com port control.


  • 10/100Mbps Auto Sensing RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • 1.25MB Web Server
  • DB25 Connector for Serial
  • Power Supply Included

Documents and Drivers


UDS1100 Datasheet

UDS1100 User Guide

Java App Note


Current DeviceInstaller

Current Com Port Redirector


Baud Rate

Serial: Up to 230Kbps



Characters T

7 or 8 data bits

Flow Control




Indicators LED

Ethernet activity, Status & Power


Network: 10/100Mbps Ethernet



Serial Interfaces


Serial Types


Stop Bits

1 or 2

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