Unigate IC RS232 / 422 / 485 Module: No Isolation


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MPN: V3736

Manufacturer: Deutschmann Automation

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Unigate Isolation

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Product Information

Product Description

UNIGATE IC is a complete Single Chip Serial UART solution in a 32 pin DIL (dual in-line) package. With a space of 45 x 25 mm the Unigate IC contains all required components: microcontroller, Flash, RAM, serial controller and bus interface components, e. g. optocoupler and bus driver. The UNIGATE IC is to be connected to the microprocessor of your design or it can be operated Stand-Alone. The Unigate IC Serial UART is certified and proven through testing with applications and many commercially available Serial UART masters. The integrated microprocessor handles the complete Serial UART data traffic and removes the burden from the attached processor. The protocol between the Unigate IC and the attached processor is handled using a Script. This Script is generated with the free PC-tool Protocol Developer and it is optimally adjusted to the final product and the requirements of the Serial UART Master. The hardware and software interfaces of the Unigate IC modules are standardized, thus they are interchangeable without changing any hardware or software.

Volume and OEM pricing available.

The Unigate IC Serial UART allows for the quick development of custom applications using its powerful scripting language. Scripts are written using the Protocol Developer Tool. If you need a custom protocol and scripting is not for you, Grid Connect offers scripting services at reasonable rates (call for details).


Order Summary



Unigate Isolation

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-IC-RS232 None V3517
GC-IC-RS232-GT Galvanic V3517


  • Complete Serial UART
  • Max. 1024 byte input and 1024 byte output data
  • Stand-Alone operation via shift register
  • Script language for optimal adaptation to your field device
  • Easy configuration from MS Windows® using the WinGate tool
  • Develop customized scripts with the free Protocol Developer software tool
  • Scripts are portable between all other UNIGATE CL or IC Gateways

Documents and Drivers


Unigate IC Module Datasheet

Unigate IC Serial UART Manual


Baud Rate

Serial: Up to 625 kbps




Connection via UART interface to the existing microprocessor


Typical 100mA


45 x 25 x 20 mm


  • Isolated Serial UART interface
  • Synchronous shift register interface
  • 2nd Serial interface for Script download, configuration, Debug-function


DIL32 Unigate IC Standard




MS Windows®-based WinGate configuration software, and Protocol Developer script development software

Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

With Canadapter


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