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Unigate IC Starter Kit - PROFIBUS DP


MPN P1011, V3473, P1089E (DPV1 Option), P1047E (DPV0 Option)

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The Unigate IC Starter Kit includes the Unigate PROFIBUS IC module and Unigate IC development board along with the cables, power supply, software and manuals needed to successfully configure and deploy your application.

It is strongly recommended that a first time user purchase one starter kit to get their application up and running quickly.

The starter kit comes with a PROFIBUS master simulator to allow you a simple way for you to test your module. It is a simple universal tool for testing the data exchange with PROFIBUS-slaves via PROFIBUS-DP. The PROFIBUS master simulator can exchange data with many PROFIBUS-slaves. The tool includes both software and a PROFIBUS Dongle for connecting your PC to the Starter Kit on it's PROFIBUS connector. This master simulator supports the PROFIBUS DP V1 standard. A version that only supports PROFIBUS DP V0 is also available - select from the drop-down list above.


  • Unigate IC PROFIBUS DP module (5VDC Version)
  • Unigate IC universal development board
  • PROFIBUS Cable
  • RS232 Serial Cable
  • Debug Cable (for configuration/Script loading)
  • USB to Serial Cable
  • Software CD with programming and configuration software
  • 110VAC to 12VDC Power Supply
  • Software and Hardware Manuals
  • Example scripts and configurations
  • PROFIBUS Master Simulator Tool with Cable & Software
  • Book "The Rapid Way To PROFIBUS DP"
  • Carrying Case
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