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Wall Mount IP Speaker


MPN SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD, SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD-S3-IC, SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD, SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD-S3-IC, SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD-S3, SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD-S3

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The Wall Mount IP Speaker is an enclosed wall mount IP Speaker, SIP Speaker, VoIP Speaker designed for IP Paging, SIP Paging and emergency notifications. It measures 11 5/8″ square by 4 1/8″ deep and is PoE powered.

This speaker is enabled with the ability for half duplex 2-Way/Talk-back (speaker is also used as a microphone).

Available is a heavier vandal resistant housing with security screens behind the face plate protecting the moisture resistant speaker. Suitable for outdoor use.

The IP7 Firmware Feature enables compatibility with Digital Acoustics TalkMaster FOCUS software and/or to SIP based phone systems.

The S3 Firmware Feature enables  an IP Endpoint to connect to a SIP based Phone System.

The S3/InformaCast Firmware Feature enables the IP Endpoint to connect to Singlewire's InformaCast software and to SIP based Phone systems. Please note that InformaCast only supports outbound paging even on products that have two-way capabilities.

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Firmware Feature

Speaker Type

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1 Standard Basic SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1-IC InformaCast Basic SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD-S3-IC
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1-VP Standard Vandal/Moisture Resistant SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1-VP-IC InformaCast Vandal/Moisture Resistant SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD-S3-IC
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1-S3 SIP Only Basic SPKR-IPSystem-1-HD-S3
GC-IPIC-SPKR-IP-1-VP-S3 SIP Only Vandal/Moisture Resistant SPKR-IPSystem-1-VP-HD-S3
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