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Wireless Tunnel Sensor - Analog to Digital Converter

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Manufacturer: AKCP Co Ltd.

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Product Information

Product Description

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Turn any sensor with a 4-20mAmp or 0-10VDC output into a Wireless Tunnel™ sensor that is compatible with the AKCP monitoring system.

A wide range of third party and scientific grade sensors use this voltage or current scale output, which opens up the AKCP monitoring system to a wide range of applications.

* All analog inputs are not isolated, they all share the same ground.

* Care should be taken on voltage potentials when connecting the WT-AD inputs to sources.


  • 4x AA Batteries (batteries not included)
  • 5VDC or 12VDC powered
  • LED indicators for power, status and RSSI
  • Optional DIN rail or pipe mounting

Documents and Drivers


Wireless Analog to Digital Converter Sensor Datasheet



FCC Part15C, CE EN300220-2


2x Analog input 4-20mA current


76 x 77 x 120mm


Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

Indicators LED

  • Mode
  • Status
  • RSSI


Micro-USB port for powering, adding and upgrading to the Gateway base unit

Measurement Accuracy

Maximum ±0.1V

Measurement Range

  • 0-10V
  • 0-20mA current

Measurement Resolution

0.1V increment


Wall hanging, DIN rail, Pipe Clamp



Number of Sensors

7 (3 + 4)

Power Consumption

Average 12 mWatt, 10uA in Idle, Up to 10 years of battery life

Power Source

4xAA batteries or via micro-USB port


LoRa (R) Radio Regional plans: US915: 903~915Mhz, Max TX Power +17dBm

Temperature Range

-35ºC to 80ºC (-31º to 176ºF)


2x Analog input voltage

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