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A Quick Rundown of Firefly, Fireplug and Blueport XP

Some of our clients have had problems understanding the functionality of our Firefly modules. We want to make sure that our products are used to their full capability so here is a mini users guide to those devices:

  • Switch 1 is used for factory reset. To reset your module to factory settings:
    • Raise switch 1.
    • Power cycle the device
    • Turn off and on twice to factory reset.
  • If you pair two Firefly modules, make sure the master has switches 2 and 3 lifted, and the slave has switch 2 lifted.
    • After the modules have connected, lower switch 2 on both of them and they will auto-lock as a pair.
  • Switch 4 is for baud rate.
    • Having the switch up is 9600 bps.
    • Having the switch down is the custom baud rate.

If you have any other questions about this product, or any of the other products on the Grid Connect website, please contact us.

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