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ConnectSense Internet Rebooter keeps routers running smoothly

ConnectSense Internet Rebooter keeps routers running smoothly
ConnectSense Internet Rebooter keeps routers running smoothly

Internet-enabled devices have weaved themselves into every part of the modern home. From smart light bulbs to doorbell security cameras, virtual assistants to elaborate work-from-home setups, seamless connection to the web is more important than ever before. However, as we all have experienced at some point, connection disruptions can cause problems. They can range from the merely annoying, like having to go without social media for a short time, to costly and dangerous, like home security systems going down, leading to a robbery.

For a majority of these issues, router issues sit at the root, and a simple reboot often fixes everything. That’s where the ConnectSense Internet Rebooter comes in. When connected, the Internet Rebooter can detect a slow or lost connection and automatically reboot your router. This layer of protection for your connection has proved popular with several different groups: those who own multiple properties, those who work from home, and those who have set up robust home networks. These groups were identified through in-depth interviews with customers about their experiences with the product, what they like about it and where it could be improved.

How It Works

The ConnectSense Internet Rebooter plugs easily into your router and will monitor the connection speed 24/7. If it detects a decline below a certain threshold, the device will automatically reboot the router, fixing the vast majority of internet outages to create a near constant and seamless internet connection. Users can also program the Internet Rebooter to reboot regularly on a schedule, heading off connection issues before they begin. 

The Internet Rebooter has a manual button to allow for a reboot on command, as well as iOS and Android applications on the customer’s smartphone, so a secure internet connection is just a tap away on their phone. The device can even be rebooted by voice with Google Assistant. It makes a strong home internet connection truly accessible, no matter where you may be.

Monitor Multiple Properties

beach house

If you own a vacation home or a rental property, internet outages can create situations that are irritating to experience and annoyingly difficult to rectify. Second properties often sit some distance from their owner’s home base, forcing them to do significant travel just to reboot the router. The end results, unhappy owners and unhappy guests.

Customer research showed owners of multiple properties made up a major constituency of buyers for the Internet Rebooter. They wanted something that would preserve the connection for their property at all times, that they could also set and forget. They also appreciated that the Internet Rebooter could be accessed remotely from an iOS or Android app on their smartphones.

In this day and age, many second property owners choose to rent them out while not using them. Instead, they utilize online services like AirBnb or Vrbo. Obviously, no one wants Internet outages when these rentals are occupied by paying guests. Ordinarily, the owner would have to pull a lengthy drive out to the property, just to reboot the router. If that cannot be done, the owner would have to provide instructions to the guest on how to reboot the router, inconveniencing them further, especially if the router is difficult to access. 

Furthermore, home security systems come web-enabled more than ever, meant to run 24/7 to secure access to the grounds. Web-enabled doorbell cameras keep an eye on the property, and smart locks connected to smartphone applications control who can come inside. Loss of connection means these crucial security measures go offline until the situation can be fixed. During customer interviews, one individual even recounted an incident where their neighbor accidentally cut their internet line, disabling their smart front door lock and locking them out of the house. 

Home monitoring goes even further than security these days. Smart HVAC and sump pump systems monitor the property’s critical infrastructure, alerting owners through smartphone notifications of any discrepancies or failures. Connection disruption for these systems can lead to consequences ranging from the bothersome, like the property being too warm, to the disastrous, like flooding going unrecognized until too late.

Internet Rebooter works well for these customers, as daily reboots of the router for their second property can be easily scheduled and left. They can even reboot their router remotely using the smartphone applications should any issues be noticed. Regular reboots will virtually eliminate lost connection due to router issues. No traveling to fix the router, no angry guests with no Wi-Fi, no disabled security cameras, no worry of being locked out. These property owners can breathe a little easier now that they no longer need to worry about their rentals and vacation homes.

Work From Home

woman working from home looking at computer

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting offices from coast to coast, more workers than ever are doing their jobs remotely. Digital workspaces, remote monitoring, and video calls all rely on smooth internet. Disruptions in connection can result in the appearance of unreliability, as well as lost productivity and potential embarrassment. 

The research demonstrates that remote workers looking to protect themselves from connection issues make up another market for the Internet Rebooter. These individuals want to ensure they can log in on time, do their work effectively, and protect from sudden interruptions.

Video calls proved one of the biggest areas of concern for this customer group. Naturally, dropping off in the middle of a call with the boss due to a bad connection looks bad on the worker, and can easily be prevented with a reboot. Even if not on a call, downed internet during the work day can negatively impact their productivity, which can mean bad news in workplaces where metrics or quotas are critical.

Remote work booming has translated to more and more people moving to where they want to live, rather than somewhere close to their office. Some move to more rural areas, near wildlife and outdoor recreation at their doorstep, but this comes with the tradeoff of spotty internet. For these customers, a device like the Internet Rebooter is needed to help detect when connection speeds decline, so they can maintain a constant connection no matter where they live.

Some customers mentioned experiencing problems when upgrading their internet service, having to deal with spottiness and outages as they changed plans and equipment. One even said their upgrade went on for over two months, with them having to continue working from home all the while. Internet Rebooter allows these individuals to maintain their connection, so even while upgrading, they can keep working uninterrupted.

Because remote workers sometimes deal with sensitive details, information security also proved a concern for this customer group. The Internet Rebooter addresses this issue as well because, as a United States-based company, all data remains in the country, protecting it from vulnerabilities. This makes the Internet Rebooter perfect for those who need a smooth and secure Internet experience while working from home.

Maintain Network Superiority

open laptop sitting next to lit up internet router

An unexpected third significant group of customers was found in those with more advanced technological platforms. These individuals seek technical network perfection for their home setups, and found the Internet Rebooter was an inexpensive and reliable way to create redundancies in their network connection. Even the most expensive routers and modems need rebooting from time to time. Because of the value of these devices, the Internet Rebooter can prevent issues before they develop.

Some of these customers lived in areas with poor internet connection and knew they could not do anything to change that. In order for their robust computer setup to maintain a consistent and stable connection, they need a device like the Internet Rebooter, something to monitor the status of the connection and reboot when connection speed falls too low. 

These customers also highly valued being able to remotely access their network devices, which requires stable internet on the device’s end. This goes double for customers utilizing a Synology NAS. One of the main perks of these systems is the access they allow the user to their home networks from anywhere, as well as connectivity and communication between different Synology devices. One customer described in the interviews a situation where he found himself locked out of his Synology for three weeks while he was out of town, due to an internet failure at his home. The Internet Rebooter would reset the customer’s connection as soon as it goes out, preventing these Synology access issues from occurring in the first place.

Above all, these customers were most looking for peace of mind regarding the status of their high-tech configurations. They wanted something that would reliably maintain their connection and access to their devices, freeing them from worry about loss of Internet access. The time and mental energy saved become well-worth the cost of the Rebooter, particularly compared to their more expensive competitors.


While useful in homes of all kinds, the ConnectSense Internet Rebooter found popularity with three specific markets. For those who own vacation or rental properties, the Internet Rebooter helps them maintain the security and integrity of their property by preventing their web-enabled security and monitoring devices from having downtime. It also prevents negative reviews from upset customers who have to deal with accommodations without Wi-Fi.

Remote workers also benefit immensely from the features of the Internet Rebooter. No longer do they have to worry about dropping out during important meetings, logging in late, or losing productivity. The fact that ConnectSense is based in the United States also helps maintain security of sensitive data. Those with robust home networks also look for these security benefits, as well as the peace of mind that comes with preventing Internet connection issues and access to your servers.

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