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Employee Spotlight: The Clark Kent of Grid Connect

Budd Justice headshot

In a very special Employee Spotlight, we have chosen to spotlight Budd Justice for a second week with a very nice blog post, written by his partner-in-crime in the shipping department, Mary Miller.


Clark Kent has met his match. The real “Superman” is alive and well and working at Grid Connect. He’s a behind-the-scenes superhero and his name is Budd Justice.

Budd heads up our shipping department, which, with our growing business is reason enough to be called superman. Budd does this at the impressive age of 82! He puts in a full day, usually standing for most of it. He inspires me every day with his stamina, wit, and attitude. His work ethic is amazing and he rarely complains. Most of his complaints are for more work! It is a demanding, strenuous job at times that Budd handles with care and diligence. Most days he is processing 40-50 shipments a day.

Being of an older generation, technology and innovation is not always welcomed. But, Budd manages to learn and master each new process and system that comes along. This old dog learns new tricks all the time. I think that keeps him young.

I have learned from working with Budd the following keys to staying young:

  • Always keep moving. Don’t give up on things, learn to adapt to your situation.
  • Don’t be afraid to learn and try new things.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Budd says: “The only people who don’t make mistakes are the people who don’t do anything.”
  • A cheerful tune/whistle is a good work companion.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Next time you receive a shipment from Grid Connect, you can know that is was carefully processed for you by a living, breathing superhero.

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