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Going the Distance: How Range Affects IoT Design

When it comes to designing products for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market, there are many development options. Designers must consider choices for hardware and software, Internet connection method and device power, to name a few.

When making these decisions, there is often one factor that will influence all these choices: distance. The network range required for IoT devices plays a surprisingly important role even in the smallest design decisions. After all, the transmission of data is at the core of IoT devices. Transmission range depends on the type of network used, the environment it will be used in, and the types of data being communicated.

Consider the following questions:

  • Will the device be used inside one building or between buildings?
  • Will the device need to transmit data through walls or floors?
  • Is transmission impacted by buildings or trees?
  • Will the device connect to a nearby existing network or to a cellular network miles away?
  • Will the device send show tourists of information, such as text messages, or longer information, such as videos or files?

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