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Introducing the Smart Power Cord

Bringing best-in-class IoT products to market that allow OEMs to quickly and securely cloud enable their products to collect valuable device data, improve customer service, allow remote access and control, automate billing based on usage, greatly improve product maintenance / safety and in some cases help predict failures before they occur.



ConnectSense, a division of Grid Connect and a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, today announced the general availability of the Smart Power Cord, designed to quickly and securely IoT enable an OEMs product. The Smart Power Cord looks and acts like a power extension cord but has been designed to be a complete IoT solution. By plugging any product or edge device into the Smart Power Cord, it can start providing data that can be used to monitor or data log power consumption, provide remote power on/off/reboot, sense customer usage, provide better maintenance schedules and provide user defined alerts to improve product safety.

The Smart Power Cord can be used with motors, pumps, compressors, electric cars, IT equipment and much more. Ideal applications are monitoring/controlling pumps, commercial appliances, electric vehicle chargers, electric metering and load shedding applications.

It’s no surprise that developing an IoT solution is challenging and full of project risk. Also, IoT projects can be highly customized and continuously evolving to improve efficiencies and analytics.

The ConnectSense Smart Power Cord is an off-the-shelf solution that can quickly IoT enable any product or device and allows companies to create new business models and transform the user experience.

The Smart Power Cord Gateway can provide substantial benefits to the user experience by capturing insightful data and creating actionable events. IoT data can provide significant value, including:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Remote power monitoring and control
  • Provide better maintenance schedules
  • New IoT-based business models

The team at ConnectSense, with more than five years of IoT experience, can leverage their IoT 80/20 cloud platform built on industry-leading technology for security, scalability, and cost efficiency to provide customized solutions. Additionally, ConnectSense can lead development efforts for the full firmware, hardware, web app, as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps.


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