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Managing Big Data: Moving analysis back to the edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its wide range of devices are growing at an unfathomable rate. With an increase in size, comes an increase in the collection of massive amounts of data. In this article written by Grid Connect’s Vice President, Adam Justice, he stated, “The IoT relies on data — and massive amounts of it — to fuel connected devices and give us drastic advances in monitoring and automating our environments.” The overwhelming amount of data being generated at such a rapid pace is making it more important than ever for the issues of data management to be resolved.

The cloud is a centerpiece for the management and analysis of data collected through the embedded sensors of various devices. One solution to reduce the burden on the cloud and make data more manageable is to move analytics back to the device itself, which is called moving towards the edge. Utilizing edge IoT analytics could help drive efficiency as it is a cost-efficient solution that reduces the amount of bandwidth being used. Devices that have the ability to synthesize their collected data locally will be much faster and more reliable. Moving data analytics to the edge is an innovative IoT solution that will drastically improve the functionality of these devices.

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