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Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sensors Compared

One of the most memorable movie lines of all time is one word: plastics. In 1967's The Graduate, a recent college graduate struggles to figure out his destiny and is told that the future is in plastics. If that movie were produced today, the line would have been "sensors."

Mike Justice’ new article offers insight on the differences between industrial, commercial and residential sensors. Industrial sensors tend to be more rugged, as they have to withstand wide ranges of temperature, consistent vibrations, and the possible infiltration of dust and water. Sensors of this level must be calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the device. Commercial sensors are used in components of other products such as the measuring system of a gas pump.   Sensors of this type are often required by law to receive calibration, and for the rest it is strongly advised. Residential sensors, although less impervious to temperature and damage, are subjected to rigorous tests to receive certification.

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