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Webinar: Getting Started with PCAN Explorer

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Meet the experts

Uwe Wilhelm
Uwe Wilhelm
CEO, PEAK-System

Trained as an electronics technician in 1984, then software developer at GM-Europe (Opel) and studied technical computer science in 1992. Co-founder of the PEAK Group in 1993, managing director of PEAK-System Technik since its foundation in 1999 to this day. Within the company responsible for marketing, new business areas and long-term product planning.

Rick Rockershousen
Rick Rockershousen
Vice President, Grid Connect

Technical Leader and Teacher with a demonstrated history of helping customers understand, deploy and operate industrial networking, IoT/IIoT connectivity, and wireless technologies. I enjoy finding solutions to complex product design and networking problems to meet time to market, budgetary and operational requirements.

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