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TalkMaster™ Focus Software & Add-ons

The TalkMaster Focus software provides an operator console for configuration, management and control of IP7 intercoms, speakers and paging amplifiers. These controlled endpoints can be dispersed over local or wide-area networks.

This Windows based software begins with a basic version which can be expanded through 5 different licenses which adds various features.  The base version, Solo, is available free with purchase of an intercom, speaker or amplifier. 

Base Version

Solo is for a single operator and up to 250 IP endpoints. It has capabilities for management of intercoms and IP paging.

Management of Intercoms

  • Creating queues for routing calls to operators
  • Creating intercom groups
  • Recording calls

Management of IP Paging

  • Central management
  • Ability to create paging groups
  • Ability to play prerecorded messages, warnings or announcements



If additional capabilities are necessary, add only what the system needs through the 5 Add-ons.

  • Enterprise Operator adds more enterprise operators and endpoints.
  • Automation Tools adds alert management and events handling capabilities.
  • Vision adds integration of a RTSP IP camera allowing visual capabilities on the operator console.
  • VoIP Connect adds integration of SIP 2.0 phone systems.
  • Fail Forward™ / Virtual Machine enables redundancy and ability to work in a virtual machine environment.

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