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Atlas2 Plus - PROFINET Monitoring Kit


MPN 101-800310, 101-800311

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Atlas2 is designed for the permanent monitoring of PROFINET networks with single or mixed architecture. This second-generation diagnostic tool, which is based on our popular Atlas unit, takes fault detection and diagnosis to a much higher level. You’ll discover that Atlas2 gives you a much more connected and predictive approach to machine health monitoring and maintenance. It still has all the original features that you’ve come to rely on to detect faulty installed devices, cable and firmware issues, and misconfigurations. But now it can recognize patterns in diagnostic data and learn from them, which gives you the ability to carry out predictive maintenance. Anticipating and preventing damaging network issues has never been so easy.

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GC-PN-ATLAS-2P-100-KIT No Display 101-800310
GC-PN-ATLAS-2P-OLED-100-KIT OLED Display 101-800311
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