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CAN-WIFI - Wireless CAN Interface



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Made in the USA

The CAN-WIFI Adapter uses standard TCP/IP interface making this tool perfect for servicing mobile equipment or for OEM applications. No driver is necessary. It integrates easily with .NET, LabView, smartphones, tablets, or other platforms that provide a standard TCP/IP interface over a Wi-Fi connection.

The CAN-WIFI can be utilized in several ways:

  • Implemented as a service tool for diagnosing CAN networks and uploading new CAN parameters.
  • Employed as a wireless development tool.
  • Embedded permanently into a mobile device for 24/7 wireless remote monitoring.

There are 2 Wi-Fi modes available:
1. Wi-Fi access point (server) when in the field and using a mobile PC
2. Wi-Fi client for remote monitoring and diagnostics

The CAN-WIFI interface provides bi-directional communication between a PC with any TCP/IP interface and a CAN 2.0A/B (ISO 11898) network.

Implementation can be done in two application modes: Command Mode and Virtual Circuit Mode.


Package Contents

  • CAN-WIFI adapter
  • Power supply
  • External antenna (optional)


Ordering Summary

Part # Power Supply Antenna Option
GC-CAN-WIFI-110 110v - U.S./North America Internal Antenna
GC-CAN-WIFI-EXT-110 110v - U.S./North America External Antenna
GC-CAN-WIFI-220 220V - Europe (Except U.K.) Internal Antenna
GC-CAN-WIFI-EXT-220 220V - Europe (Except U.K.) External Antenna
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