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MPN: 5004-11-P

Manufacturer: emotas embedded communication GmbH

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Product Information

Product Description

The CANopen Master/Slave Stack is a software library that provides all communication services according to communication profile CiA302-2. Written in ANSI-C and MISRA-C compliant, the CANopen Master/Slave Stack can be used for a fast and straight-forward development of CANopen master and slave applications.

The stack includes all features and services of the CANopen Slave Stack along with NMT Master functionalities, and network wide configuration of CANopen slaves and network management. Several master examples are included.

Besides a classical function API, there is a Mailbox API available for easy use with multiple tasks with respect to threads. Messages between application modules and the CANopen stack are sent via mailboxes instead of function calls. This feature guarantees non-blocking communication since it allows several tasks to employ the CANopen stack in parallel.


CANopen Master/Slave Stack Package also includes:

  • Drivers for supported MCUs.  View list of currently support MCUs now or find it under the documentation tab.
  • The CANopen DeviceDesigner program for a single named-user license. This program is an easy-to-use tool that creates an object dictionary, initializing functions in C, the Electronic Data Sheet in EDS format, and device documentation.



The Stack is available with a Project License for a single project or with a site license for single geographic development site allowing for use on multiple projects.



  • ANSI-C CANopen Slave source code stack
  • MISRA-C-conform
  • supports CANopen services of CiA 301
  • Layer Setting Service (LSS) CiA305 included
  • extensions for further specifications available
  • available for many CAN controllers and CPU types
  • flexible user interface
  • 127 SDO server
  • 127 SDO clients
  • expedited and segmented SDO transfer
  • 512 PDO producers
  • 512 PDO consumers
  • static and dynamic PDO mapping
  • SYNC producer/consumer
  • TIME producer/consumer
  • Emergency producer/consumer
  • Bootup handling
  • Heartbeat producer/consumer
  • NMT master/slave
  • LED CiA-303 supported
  • LSS CiA-305 supported

Documents and Drivers


Currently Support MCUs
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