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MPN: 5007-10

Manufacturer: emotas embedded communication GmbH

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Product Information

Product Description

The CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile CANopen master tool. It provides CANopen master functionalities and performs analysis and configuration of slave devices suitable for development, testing and service tasks.

Information about CANopen devices can be imported from electronic data sheets (EDS) or scanned from the network directly. Device configurations can be saved as DCF files and re-imported. Entire network configurations can be saved in project files. Additionally, an optional Scripting extension using JavaScript allows users to create their own test or control applications.

The objects of the devices are presented in an object browser. Access to each object – according to the access rights – is possible for reading and writing. The CANopen DeviceExplorer supports all SDO services and the values of the objects can be displayed in hexadecimal, decimal or in ASCII format, depending on the data type. Large data can also directly be read from files or written to files.

The PDOs of all devices can be configured by drag & drop. PDOs can be sent and received in visualized form with a few clicks. It is also possible to send SYNC messages cyclically or only once for testing purposes.

Additionally the CANopen DeviceExplorer is able to interpret CAN messages according to the CANopen specification. Raw CAN data like 610 0 43 10 17 00 00 00 00 will be shown as SDO read access to node 16 to the object 0x1017.

Several optional plugins are available to extend the functionality of the tool.

  • Layer Setting Services (LSS) Master
  • Scripting
  • EnergyBus Interpretation
  • SRDO Configuration

A Free Evaluation Version is available.

Supported CAN Interfaces


  • PEAK System PCANPC Interfaces
  • can4linux
  • SocketCAN

With Linux, all CAN interfaces with SocketCAN-API or can4linux-API are supported.


  • CANopen NMT Master
  • Read and write objects via SDO
  • Configuration and visualization of PDOs
  • Network overview by Heartbeat and Emergency monitoring
  • Import of EDS files
  • Import/Export of DCF
  • Graphs to display data
  • Transmission of CAN messages
  • CAN Trace Window
  • CANopen interpretation of CAN messages
  • JavaScript optionally available

Documents and Drivers


CANopen Scripting Interpreter - API Reference

CANopen DeviceExplorer Datasheet

CANopen DeviceExplorer User Manual




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