GRID32™ Embedded 32 bit processor with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, tunneling: Internal Antenna


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Product Information

Product Description

Made in the USA

The GRID32™ is a complete Ethernet wired and wireless gateway module with built-in Industrial network protocols. It is designed to allow device manufacturers to quickly and easily add IIoT network protocols to any product. In most cases, the integrated GRID32 application allows the OEM to use their existing product firmware without a complete redesign.

Since the GRID32 supports multiple Industrial automation protocols, device
manufacturers can have their products support a full line of the most popular Industrial
automation protocols. They save time and money by not having to support these
protocols with firmware updates as the protocols evolve over time.

This GRID32 module is used for  

  • Serial to Wi-Fi
  • Serial to Ethernet
  • Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridging

Additional protocols, such as Modbus, and EtherNet/IP are available with BACnet and PROFINET coming soon.  View 

The GRID32 has all of the integrated hardware, application firmware and security
required for new and existing Industrial protocol applications. The module has an
integrated Ethernet PHY, Wi-Fi client / SoftAP and BT/BLE interfaces built-in.

There are multiple connectivity and configuration possibilities. Security was also baked into the GRID32. There is a crypto authentication chip and TLS Industrial network connectivity to ensure that the OEM’s product is secure for today’s networks.


Flexible configuration modes and built-in application firmware make for easy Integration, low design risk, and allows for quick time to market.  By using the built-in WEB interface, or the web API, this module can be quickly and securely configured and provisioned on your network.

The GRID32 can also be configured by your host processor on power up thru the UART interface. The module completely offloads the industrial protocol communications (Ethernet traffic) from the host processor.



Our team of engineers can customize the firmware to meet your requirements if the standard offerings don’t meet your needs.  OEM customization available. 

Complete Technical Support 

We have the knowledgeable engineers that designed and know how to use the product. We offer phone support and live chat support during regular business hours.

Order Summary




Manufacturer Part # (MPN)


Internal Antenna

GRID32-EXT-ST External Antenna (W.FL Connector)


  • Fast integration to add Industrial protocols and Wired/Wireless networking to any product. Minimal engineering effort.  Low design risk. Offloads network processing from a host processor.
  • Built-in Security including secure boot, flash encryption, 608A Crypto Chip, SSL/TLS, AES 256-bit, HTTPS OTA, WPA2 personal or enterprise security.
  • Supports multiple industrial protocols including Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP and BACnet IP (PROFINET coming) in the same software and hardware footprints.
  • Integrated 10/100 PHY for Wired Ethernet, Wireless 802.11BGN interface and BT/BLE 4.2
  • Cloud management— remote FW updates, Configuration updates. (OEM option).
  • Industrial temp range: -40°C to +85°C


Documents and Drivers


GRID32™ Product Brief



RoHS, FCC Class B, UL, CE


23mm x 33mm x 7mm (0.9inch x 1.3inch x .25inch)


  • Serial:  3.3V TTL UART
  • Network: Wired Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
  • Network: Wireless: 802.11BGN Client or SoftAP


3.3V operation

UART Baud Rate

Up to 921 kbps

Serial Type


Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)


.1 oz, 2.8 grams

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