GRID45™ Modbus TCP Ethernet Module: GRID45 in trays


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Product Information

Product Description

Made in the USA

The GRID45 Modbus TCP module makes it easy for OEMs to add Modbus TCP Ethernet to their products. The module is designed to connect directly to a UART interface on a host processor. If the product is already using Modbus RTU/ASCII through a serial port, in most cases, it can become a Modbus TCP Ethernet port with little to no changes to the embedded host firmware.

For OEMs, the GRID45 Modbus module can work with proprietary serial protocols or Modbus client applications.


This GRID45 is preloaded with Modbus firmware and requires no changes by the customer. The firmware is optimized to bridge Modbus TCP to a Modbus serial server.

It maps all current Modbus commands and registers from Modbus TCP to Modbus serial commands and registers. As a result, this GRID45 will send and receive your serial Modbus data transactions and convert them to Modbus TCP transactions over the network.

Advantages of Modbus TCP over Modbus RTU 

  • Allows users to send and receive data over a standard Ethernet network
  • Takes advantage of larger wide area networks
  • Allows multiple Modbus clients to communicate with multiple Modbus servers
  • Supports more Modbus servers to be used in the network

Grid Connect offers this Modbus functionality in a couple of different Modbus TCP gateway products. See the NET232-MB or the NET485-MB products for more details.

Connectivity to Modbus, EtherNet/IP and BACnet (PROFINET coming) Industrial Ethernet networks can be interchanged on the GRID45.

A complete evaluation board is available for testing and proof of concept.

To learn more about Modbus go to

GRID45 in Industrial Automation and Control Systems

When it comes to data communications for industrial control systems, Modbus is supported by the most manufacturers. The Modbus/RTU protocol defines how a “master” device polls one or more “slave” devices to read and write data in real time. 

By supporting multiple industrial automation protocols, the GRID45 module

1) enables OEM products or devices to easily connect to an industrial network. This capability allows manufacturers to focus on their core technologies and applications. 

2) allows an OEM to have their products support a full line of the most popular Industrial automation protocols.  Time and money is saved by not having to support these protocols with firmware updates as the protocols evolve over time. 



Grid Connect provides complete technical support for this product with knowledgeable engineers that designed and know how to use the product. We offer phone support and on-line chat support during regular business hours.


Order Summary



Module Packaging

Manufacturer Part # (MPN)

GRID45-MBTCP GRID45 module shipped in trays (up to 50 per tray) GRID45-MBTCP
GRID45-MBTCP-S GRID45 module shipped in sample case with Wi-Fi flag antenna
GRID45-MBTCP-SA GRID45 module shipped in sample case with Wi-Fi cable and antenna



  • Supports 10 Modbus/TCP server connections
  • Supports Modbus/TCP on the wired Ethernet or the Client WLAN network interface
  • Easily configure through a simple WEB page or automated through a WebAPI
  • Secure, integrated compact module that can be easily integrated into an OEM product
  • Fast integration to add Modbus TCP networking to any product
  • Wireless 802.11BGN interface, BTE/BLE 4.2 and Integrated 10/100 PHY for Wired Ethernet
  • Cloud management—remote FW updates, Configuration updates. OEM option

Documents and Drivers


GRID45 Modbus User Guide

GRID45 Modbus Datasheet

GRID45-MB Module Product Brief


Baud Rate

UART: Up to 921 kbps


RoHS, FCC Class B, UL, CE


34 x 16.3 x 13.5mm (1.34 x .64 x .53inch)



  • Wired Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
  • Wireless: 802.11BGN Client or SoftAP

Serial: 3.3V TTL UART


3.3V operation

Product Weight

.35 oz, 10 grams

Serial Type(s)


Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)


1 year Limited

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