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Evaluation Kit for VPC3+C Controller


MPN: PA006300

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The evaluation kit for the VPC3+C PROFIBUS Slave Controller has all the necessary components to get connected to PROFIBUS-DP. The kit provides a complete PROFIBUS slave application, which can easily be adapted to your needs. Profichip part number PA006300.


  • 3 VPC3+C chips (one on eval board, two extra)
  • PROFIBUS Baseboard, with PROFIBUS DP RS485 + opto-interfaces
  • Extension Board with Atmel 89C5132 microcontroller
  • PROFIBUS DP V1/V2 Firmware (C Source Code)
  • PROFIBUS DP V0 Demo Code (C Source Code)
  • "Plug-and-play" PROFIBUS DP Slave based on VPC3+C
  • Easy configuration using dipswitches & jumpers
  • PROFIBUS Baseboard with 2 PROFIBUS Connectors (RS485/DB9 or Fiber Optic)
  • Extension board with Atmel 89C5132 microcontroller (USB C51-based Microcontroller, 64K Bytes Flash, InSystemProgrammable via USB)
  • Firmware library and demo software
  • Automatic PROFIBUS Baud Rate adjustment (9.6K to 12M)
  • Wide supply power range (DC 7-24V)
Mpn PA006300

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