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IP7-SS40 - 40 Watt IP Audio/Paging Amplifier



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The IP7-SS40 is an IP enabled 40 Watt audio amplifier used in conjunction with one or more speakers or paging horns. It provides IP audio over a standard Ethernet network connection. It can drive an 8 Ohm speaker with up to 40 W or multiple speakers using a 70 V distribution line.

This audio amplifier can be paired with new speakers or retrofitted with existing speakers.


  • external 24VDC power supply (not included).
  • external speakers (not included)

Compatible Connector Modes:

  • Free Talkmaster Focus (included) 
    This software can create paging from a Windows PC. Multi-operator versions are available for a fee.
  • SIP2.0 IP based phone systems 
    This system can provide paging by dialing an extension. Paging is accomplished by assigning an extension to a module.
  • InformaCast Emergency Notification System and Crisis Alert Software 
    This system can send audio, text and images to mobile and on-premises devices en mass. Multiple modules can be used to create paging zones or alerting areas.

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GC-IPIC-IP7-SS40 Talkmaster Focus IP7-SS40
GC-IPIC-IP7-SS40-IC InformaCast IP7-SS40-IC
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