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Mercury Multi-Protocol Diagnostic Tool Kit - Standard

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MPN: 101-821220

Manufacturer: Procentec

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The Mercury Standard Kit is a robust troubleshooting, maintenance, and monitoring tool for Industrial Networks. The kit includes Osiris, a new software package that provides necessary insight into the health of your networks, preventing any unexpected and expensive downtime.

Designed for field work and maintenance, this lightweight tablet has an adjustable hand strap and is water and dust resistant for harsh environments. It can connect remotely or wirelessly with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allowing for easy mobility.

The Standard Kit shares the same software as Atlas, providing an easy to use diagnostic interface with customizable topology views and a quality score (Q-factor) of your network. It offers a clear overview and diagnostics of all devices and how they are connected to the network making it essential for facilities of mixed architecture or ones transitioning between networks.

The data collected follows the NAMUR NE 107 standard and gives the option of exporting device and alarm lists as CSV files. The device lists provide valuable information such as:

  • All devices on the network
  • IP addresses for each connected device
  • PROFINET name (if applicable)
  • Software revision
  • Hardware version
  • Model number


With the network data, the Mercury uses an algorithm of link capacities, errors, and general network conditions to determine the Q-factor. The Q-factor score is a quick indicator of the network’s health and can be customized to display as a value from 0-100% healthy, or using the automotive standard of 0-5000. In addition to the Q-factor, the Mercury’s display can be customized to show health levels in a traffic light view using red, yellow, and green lights for diagnostics at a glance.

The Mercury Standard Kit does not support PROFIBUS.

The Mercury Standard Kit Includes:


Kit Item
1 Mercury Rugged Tablet
1 Power Cord
1 360 Degree Hand Strap
1 Carrying Case
1 RJ45 to RJ45 3 Meter Cable
1 RJ45 to M12 3 Meter Cable
1 USB Cable
1 OSIRIS Software Standard Package (pre-installed and tested)


Mercury Features:

  • Portable device
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected
  • Pre-installed software
  • Easy to use interface
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network topology
  • Customizable dashboard views
  • Traffic light feature

Features with Industrial Ethernet Networks:

  • Topology views – galaxy, tree, customized
  • Device information
  • Device connections, with NAMUR status
  • Network scoring mechanism

Documents and Drivers


Mercury Brochure

Mercury User Manual




Data Rate

10/100/1000 Mbps





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