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MPN: 22020

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ProfiCaptain is a PC based PROFIBUS DP master that has been designed for applications like: I/O tests, commissioning, parameterization and demonstrations. It fills the gaps that other products leave open and makes working with PROFIBUS a lot easier, faster and more fun. 

Test and evaluate your wired device-I/O easy and quick with ProfiCaptain

The main platform is a configuration environment in which the user sets up slaves with the respective modules and parameters. After setting up the network, the user puts them online without compilation or download. The I/Os can simply be watched and manipulated.

If needed, class 2 functions can be used on all addresses in the network, even if they are not configured or belong to another master.

ProfiCaptain is integrated in ProfiTrace 2

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I have a Proficore Ultra
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I need a Proficore Ultra

Ships next business day 10020, 22020


  • Must be ordered with ProfiTrace 2.
  • Slave "Stealing": "Steal" slaves from other masters without removing them from the bus or shutting the masters down.
  • Automatic Detection: Detects Bus parameters (Tslot, MaxTSDR, Tset, etc), Suggested master address, Dynamic Live List, Baud rate (all baud rates supported: 9.6 kbps - 12 Mbps), Prevents accidental shutdowns
  • I/O Testing: Watch I/O and modify I/O on selectable variable types (Boolean, hex, decimal, float, etc), Automatic patterns (bit walks, zig-zags and counters)
  • Acyclical Class 2 Functions: Works on all addresses (even if they are not configured or belong to another master), Set Slave Address, Read Inputs/Outputs (of every slave in the network), Get Configuration, Get Diagnostics, Automatic identification of all the slaves in the network (address, product name and Ident Number)
  • Configuration Software: User friendly interface, Easy network creation with advanced GSD import. No shutdowns when updating the configuration
  • Deactivate Slaves: Deactivate slaves in the configuration when they are not required

Application Areas:

  • I/O testing and address setting for cabinet builders
  • Manual override for process operators
  • Product testing for integrators and manufacturers
  • Product evaluation
  • Product demonstration
  • Education

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