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Comparable product is the CAN232 FD converter.

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RS232 CAN Converter - CAN232



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Made in the USA CAN232 converter provides bi-directional communication between a serial RS232 interface and a CAN 2.0A/B (ISO 11898) Network.

With a wide variety of settings and configuration parameters this CAN RS232 converter creates a powerful solution for interfacing between Serial and CAN (Controller Area Network) Networks.

The RS232 CAN converter can be used in either command mode or virtual circuit mode depending on the functionality desired.

Command Mode:
Command mode on the RS232 CAN converter allows it to send and receive CAN messages through the RS232 port providing complete conversion from RS232 to CAN messages. This mode also supports message filtering limiting the range of CAN identifiers that are received. CAN messages sent and received through the RS232 serial port can be in readable ASCII format, or binary format.

To use Command Mode with the CAN232 adapter connected to a PC, no special software is provided. Simply use a favorite terminal emulation program such as TeraTerm or HyperTerminal, etc. Then, you can send and receive CAN messages through the terminal window. You can write your own software application to send and receive CAN messages by just using the COM port of your PC. If you are writing a software program, consider using the “binary” mode instead of ASCII mode.

Virtual Circuit Mode:
Virtual Circuit Mode allows the CAN232 converter act as a transparent ‘Virtual’ RS232 link between itself and a second RS232 CAN converter. This mode provides the ability to “tunnel” RS232 Serial data between the two adapters, using the CAN network for transport. For example, this could be used to reach a remote serial port that is in a machine or engine that uses CAN, to get at the serial port for configuration, or data logging.

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This product is no longer available.

Comparable product is the CAN232 FD converter.


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