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Product Information

Product Description

The Enterprise Operator add-on takes the TalkMaster Focus Solo's capability of a single operator, controlling 250 IP7 endpoints, and expands it to hundreds of operators controlling thousands of IP7 endpoints. All operators can have their own level of priority and authority to manage and control IP7 intercoms, IP speakers/horns and IP amplifiers.

Intercom Management
  • create queues for routing calls to operators
  • create intercom groups
  • Record calls

IP Paging Management
  • central management of paging
  • ability to create paging groups
  • ability to play prerecorded messages, warnings or announcements

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows 8 or greater
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Intel Core I3 Gen 6 CPU equivalent or higher
  • 200 MB hard drive space
  • Audio card with Microphone and Speaker


  • Multiple operators
  • 2-way intercom calls
  • Live/Queued Paging Announcements
  • Pre-recorded Paging Announcements
  • Listen-in to a group of endpoints
  • IP7 endpoint monitoring
  • Create paging and intercom groups

Documents and Drivers


TalkMaster​™​ FOCUS Enterprise Operator Datasheet




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