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Product Information

Product Description

Perfect for mission critical applications, the Fail Forward add-on license for TalkMaster Focus provides redundancy and the ability for it to work in a virtual machine environment.

When IP endpoints are unable to access the active server, they will automatically switch over to a redundant server on a different IP address. A patent Fail Forward technology enables endpoints and console applications to make this determination whether the cause is from network outages or maintenance.

Virtual Machine Environment
When TalkMaster Focus is on a virtual machine in a high availability or clustering environment, the virtual machine system can migrate the TalkMaster Focus server to a new hardware host and keep the same IP address.

Pricing varies based on the total price of TalkMaster Focus and any add-on licenses purchased including

  • Enterprise Operator Console
  • Automation Tools
  • Vision
  • VoIP Connect


  • Single license for deployment of TalkMaster Focus on any server
  • Use on virtual machine clusters or high availability installations where CPU serial number may change
  • Use on one or more Fail Forward servers for hot standby

Documents and Drivers


TalkMaster​™​ FOCUS Fail Forward™ / Virtual Machine Datasheet




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