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Tank Depth Pressure Sensor



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The Tank Depth Pressure Sensor is ideal for monitoring remote fuel or water storage tanks. It is available in five different lengths and is calibrated according to the tank depth ranging from 2 to 20 meters. To select the appropriate length, measure the maximum liquid/tank depth of your storage container.

This sensor is compatible with any SensorProbe+ or SecurityProbe+ products and can be easily customized through the webpage interface. For easy monitoring, set up alert notification of pressure changes to be sent by SNMP, E-mail, or SMS.


Common uses are:

  • Low level alerts for scheduling refills
  • Monitor for leaks
  • Theft identification
  • Recording usage over time
  • Comparing usage with cost



Product Ordering Summary:


Part #
Tank Depth
Manufacturer Part # (AKCP)
GC-AK-TDPS-2M 2 Meter TDPS-2
GC-AK-TDPS-5M 5 Meter TDPS-5
GC-AK-TDPS-10M 10 Meter TDPS-10
GC-AK-TDPS-15M 15 Meter TDPS-15
GC-AK-TDPS-20M 20 Meter TDPS-20

Tank Depth Pressure Sensor Features

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Simple calibration and installation
  • Works with petrol, diesel, and fresh water
  • Customization with AKCP base units
  • Easy monitoring

    0-2000 cm (65 ft) with 0.2% accuracy for water
    +/-0.5% FS (Max)
Chemical resistance
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Water
Communications cable RJ-45 jack to UFLS converter box using UTP CAT5 cable
    Works with:
  • sensorProbe+
  • securityProbe+
  • E-Sensor8
Maximum extension cable length 30 meters (100 ft)
Measurement method Hydrolic Pressure (fluid column pressure)
Measurement range Linear and non linear tank calibration
Mounting Suspended inside the tank vy leader cable
Power supply 12V external power supply (included )
Protection IP68 (pressure sensor part)
Temperature range -20ºC to 80ºC (-4ºF to 176ºF)


Tank Depth Pressure Sensor Manual View (PDF)

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