CANmod.temp: 4 x Thermocouple-to-CAN [Temperature Sensor]


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Product Information

Product Description

This thermocouple-to-CAN module produces temperature data from 4 thermocouple sensors and outputs it via CAN bus. The module is 100% standalone - no PC required.

The module supports all thermocouple types (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T) and can be daisy-chained for 8, 12, 16, ... channels.

You can integrate the module with any CAN bus system - e.g. to provide temperature data for your ECUs or existing CAN hardware.

As an example, you can use the module as an add-on for the CANedge - ideal for e.g. engine dynos, EGT analysis, HVAC monitoring and other temperature telematics use cases.

Probes not included


  • PLUG & PLAY: Standalone - no PC required. Integrate with any CAN bus to add temperature data. DBC included
  • COMPACT: Only 7 x 2 x 5 CM. 70G. Alu enclosure. 3 LEDs. 5-26 V DC via DB9. USB for config/firmware
  • THERMOCOUPLES: Output data from 4 thermocouple sensors at 1 Hz in one CAN frame
  • PRECISE: ±0.15% accuracy. Cold-junction compensation. Line frequency filtering. Fault detection
  • USE ANY TYPE: Independently configure each thermocouple channel type (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T)
  • CONFIGURABLE: Configure CAN IDs, bit rate, message frequencies and more via JSON config and GUI

Documents and Drivers


CANmod.temp Documents



  • Lab-grade thermocouple voltage measurement accuracy of ±0.15% via cold junction
  • ±0.7°C (max, -20°C to +85°C) cold-junction accuracy


  • Sensor: Supports up to 4 thermocouple sensors/channels (plus ambient temperature via cold-junction)
  • CAN Bus: 1 x CAN channel


1 x Standard D-sub 9 (DB9) connector

Data Bits

Select between standard bit rates (5K to 1M) or use custom bit-timing


Compact aluminum enclosure: 52.5 x 70.0 x 24.5 mm (L x W x H) excl. antenna


Individually configure prescaling of the CAN message frequencies to lower rates


Input Supply: +5V to +26V DC via the DB9 connector (power via pin 1 or pin 9)


Professional-grade MAX31856MUD+ precision thermocouple converter


Module can be mounted via e.g. rugged double-sided tape, zip-ties or a mounting bracket



Power Consumption

Extremely low (<1W) - no risk of battery drainage

Product Weight



  • Thermocouple inputs are protected against overvoltage conditions up to ±45V
  • Reverse voltage protection on CAN-bus supply
  • Transient voltage event protection on supply lines


ISO 11898: Compliant with CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s)

Temperature Range

  • Sensor: Supports a range of -210°C to +1800°C (-346°F to +3272°F)(depending on thermocouple type)
  • Operating temperature (CANmod.temp module): -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)


Termination can be toggled via switch below DB9 connector


1-year warranty

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