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UDS2100 - Dual Serial Ethernet Device Server

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The UDS2100 is an intelligent Dual Serial-to-Ethernet device server that enables any device or machine with a serial port to become network and Internet-enabled within minutes. Using a method called Serial Tunneling you can manage your equipment from virtually anywhere over a network or the Internet.

The UDS2100 device server has an integrated web server, allowing any device to which it is attached to be 'contacted' and monitored via a standard Internet browser. TCP/IP is embedded into the UDS2100, enabling it to operate within non-PC environments. The Modem Emulation Mode allows it to behave like a modem but communicate over TCP/IP.

The UDS2100 is a product which can be integrated into a system with minimal set-up; a configuration utility is provided which allows quick and easy customization to suit any network or serial device.

Virtual Comm Port drivers are provided to allow a UDS2100-connected device to communicate with existing software over TCP/IP (for Windows operating systems).

The RoHS compliant UDS2100 is an updated version of the Lantronix UDS200 Device Server. With a faster processor, more memory and improved web interface, the UDS2100 is a drop in replacement for the UDS200 as it has the same form, fit and function.

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