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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor



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The Fuel Level Sensor is a ultrasonic liquid level sensor used to measure the fuel level in a storage tank. In addition to measuring fuel / oil, this sensor can be used to measure water too. This sensor is for use only with securityProbes, sensorProbe2+ and the sensorProbeX+.

Connecting this sensor to any one of the RJ-45 Intelligent Sensor ports enables the system to continuously monitor the amount of fuel remaining in a storage tank. By setting the proper alerts in the software, it can be configured to detect fuel leaks or fuel theft.

This sensor is ideal for remote sites that depend on generator power. The low level alerts in the web interface can be customized to your requirements. For example, it can be configured to send normal notifications when the fuel level reaches 3/4 and 1/2 tank, and send critical alerts when fuel level drops down to 1/4 and 1/8 of a tank.

This sensor can be used to detect fuel theft or leakage by detecting a drop in fuel level while the engine is off or if the fuel level drops too quickly when the engine’s running. Unlike other fuel level sensors, this unit is extremely robust and easy to configure ensuring accurate fuel readings all the time regardless of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

This sensor uses ultrasonic measurement technology to monitor a variety of types of liquids which can be used in tanks. These tank thresholds can be used to trigger notification alerts on the securityProbe or sensorProbe controller.

The sensor is designed to monitor levels of liquid in both linear and non-linear tanks. The fuel level sensor can be calibrated from an easy to use wizard that is run from the SecurityProbe's or sensorProbe's web interface. Various linearization parameters are available for adjusting the measurement accuracy of non-linear tanks. A Non-Linear tank is one whose height is not proportional to its capacity.

Each fuel level sensor comes complete with a 5 foot CAT5 cable that connects the Fuel Level Sensor's common box to the RJ-45 sensor port, or you can use your own CAT5/6 LAN cable up to 100 feet (~ 30 meters).

Manufacturer states It is advised the UFLS not be used with explosive chemicals of any kind.

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