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WIFI300 Module Evaluation Kit



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The WIFI300 Evaluation Kit offers an easy and convenient process to evaluate the WIFI300 - Low Power Wi-Fi Module. Testing, analysis, and configurations are possible via the wireless interface for any device with a Serial/SPI/GPIO interface.

The Evaluation Kit contains a WIFI300 module connected to a printed circuit board.

NOTE:  The module contains no firmware.  Any software must be developed using the Marvell Software Development Kit (SDK).  Contact Marvell directly to obtain a kit. 

WIFI300 Evaluation Kit Details:


  • RS485 - UART RS-485 Interface
  • COM1 - UART RS-232 Interface
  • JTAG - JTAG/JLink Debug Interface
  • USB2TTL - UART to USB Interface and USB Power
  • USB DEBUG - Reserved
  • DC5-18V - DC Terminal for Power In, 5-18V Input
  • DC Jack - DC Jack for Power In, 5-18V Input
  • JMP2 - Boot Up Option Jumper
  • JMP3 - 4 Pin USB or RS232 Jumper
  • JMP6 - 3 Pin RS485 Jumper
  • BAT - 2 AA Battery Power Supply
  • EXTPORT - GPIO Function Interface Connector
  • WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Interface w/ Antenna


  • nReset - Resets Module
  • nReload - General purpose button can be read via software
  • Sleep_RQ - General purpose button can be read via software
  • WPS - General purpose button can be read via software



  • Power - 3.3V Power Indicator
  • nLink - Software controllable LED
  • nReady - Software controllable LED
  • Sleep ON - Software controllable LED



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