EMC-Test-Master for IO-Link


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Product Information

Product Description

The IO-Link specification has well defined procedures to test the EMC robustness of IO-Link devices.

Some tests check the sensitivity of the IO-Link communication of IO-Link devices under EMC conditions. This test requires a robust master that is much less sensitive to EMC noise than the device under test.

This requirement is achieved by separating the IO-Link master into two parts:

  • part 1 contains the sensitive digital logic (µC- box)
  • part 2 contains the IO-Link transceiver (PHY-box)

Both parts are separated by an optical connection with a length of up to 10m.


    • Complies to IO-Link interface specification V1.1.2 and the current IO-Link test specification.
    • Error and Signal output
    • 4 electrical IO-Link port configurations
    • Terminal based control command set
    • Additional EMC test and control software with graphical user interface
    • Test report generation in PDF Format
    • Can be configured to operate as standard "USB IO-Link Master"
    • Firmware update supported


    • Sensitive Parts are located outside EMC chamber
    • EMC robustness considerably better than required

    Documents and Drivers


    IO-Link Device Tester Datasheet



    Updates supported


    Serial RS232 and USB




    4 electrical IO-Link port configurations:

    • COM1/2 speed port (good signal)
    • COM1/2 speed port (bad signal)
    • COM3 speed port (good signal)
    • COM3 speed port (bad signal)


    Additional EMC test and control software with graphical user interface


    IO-Link specification V1.1.2 & current IO-Link test specification

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