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ESP32-WROOM-32 - Combo Wi-Fi/BT/BLE Module



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Authorized North America Distributor StampThe Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 is an extremely powerful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BT), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) combination module that utilizes the versatile ESP32-DOWDQ6 chip. The device offers a PCB antenna and comes fully-equipped with 2 CPU cores that can be controlled and powered individually, as well as with an adjustable clock frequency (80 MHz to 240 MHz). The CPU can be powered off in order to use the low power co-processor to constantly monitor the peripherals for changes or crossing of thresholds.

Some of the powerful peripherals integrated within the ESP32 include:

  • Capacitive touch sensors
  • Hall sensors
  • SD card interface
  • Low noise sense amplifiers
  • Ethernet
  • High speed SDIO/SPI
  • UART
  • I²S
  • I²C

The ESP-WROOM-32 is optimized for efficiency with its electronic integration, connectivity, range, and power consumption. The device offers a built-in TLS 1.2 with hardware acceleration and freeRTOS with LWIP for an operating system. The SDK is open-source, allowing the user to create their own operating systems and platforms.

Perfect for wearable electronic or battery powered applications, the ESP32 chip uses less than 5µA and can support data rates of up to 150 Mbps and 20 dBM output power at the antenna, allowing for a wide physical range.

With the secure and encrypted over the air (OTA) upgrade support a developer is able to continually upgrade their products after release with minimal cost.

Common applications include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Wearable electronics
  • Home automation
  • Music streaming
  • MP3 decoding
  • Sensor networks
  • Voice encoding


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16MB Sold out: Comparable product GC-ESP-WROOM-32D-16M

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