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IO-Link IODD-Designer Software



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IO-Link devices need to be described by IO-Link Device Descriptions called "IODD". These IODD are complex structured XML files with numerous restrictions and interdependencies. The Generation of an IODD can become a laborious and tedious task and it is difficult to maintain integrity between device and IODD in case of modifications. 

TEConcept has developed an IODD Designer that simplifies the generation of IODDs significantly. No XML know how is required to generate an IODD. The user basically has to fill out text fields. For every text field an info box is available that shows related information with reference to the IO-link specifications. The IODD Designer supports creation of new IODDs from scratch as well as import and modification of existing IODDs.

Generated IODDs can be checked and "stamped" by using the "official" IODD checker from the IO-Link webpage.

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