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NETDUO - Dual Band Wi-Fi, Serial, & Ethernet Bridge



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Made in the USA

The NETDUO provides a secure dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection with Serial devices. With easy deployment, it offers reliable connectivity without complex drivers. It simplifies the connection to devices where network cabling is not an option and provides comprehensive, built-in device security that offers robust and secure connections.   

The device includes TruPort® Serial and TruPort® Socket to support transparent tunneling of serial communication and control of multiple connections using TCP, UDP, or TLS. Easily configure and control the gateway operations from the host microcontroller side using command mode or through the network side with web service APIs or XML configuration data.

Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridging is also supported to the Wi-Fi station interface or to the Soft-Ap.

The NETDUO’s industrial-grade design makes it ideal for extreme environments, such as:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Medical Devices
  • Resource Management 
  • Responsive Retail


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Power Supply


GC-NETDUO-AD-DCE-110 110 Vac DCE (female)
GC-NETDUO-AD-DCE-220 220 Vac DCE (female)
GC-NETDUO-AD-DCE-TB TB (terminal block) DCE (female)
GC-NETDUO-AD-DTE-110 110 Vac DTE (male)
GC-NETDUO-AD-DTE-220 220 Vac DTE (male)
GC-NETDUO-AD-DTE-TB TB (terminal block) DTE (male)
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