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OBD2-to-DB9 Adapter Cable - Connect CAN Logger to Vehicle


MPN #39 OBD2 Adapter

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The DB9-OBD2 adapter cable is used in passenger vehicles, including. cars, taxis, light duty vehicles, etc. It's also used in heavy duty vehicles (e.g., trucks, buses). The cable lets you connect your CAN logger directly to the CAN bus.

Vehicle fleet telematics
If you need to record data from a fleet of prototype cars for late stage field testing, the OBD2-DB9 adapter provides a simple way to connect your CAN logger. With direct access to the CAN bus, you can set up a CANedge2 to request OBD2 data, record raw CAN bus data, and send it all via a USB 3G/4G hotspot.

Vehicle reverse engineering
If you want to understand your vehicle, you can reverse engineer the proprietary raw CAN bus data. The OBD2-DB9 adapter offers an easy way to connect your CAN logger to your car. Once powered, you can connect the CLX000 to your PC via a standard mini USB to start streaming data in Wireshark. This way, you're ready to hack your car in just a few minutes!


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