PCAN Router DR - CAN to CAN with Din Rail Casing


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MPN: IPEH-002213

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Product Information

Product Description

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Connect two CAN networks with the PCAN-Router DR. The unit comes with standard firmware that forwards message traffic bi-directionally 1:1 between both connected CAN busses. This fully-programmable router can be used to join two networks of different speeds as well, and to filter, manipulate, and route CAN messages between the two networks. In addition, it features an RS232 serial port, than can be programmed to interface with the CAN channels as well. In this way users can create a custom CAN-to-RS232 adapter. Along with the Din-Rail package, The PCAN-Router DR offers 500V isolation between the two high-speed CAN channels and the RS232 port, as well as between the CAN/RS232 channels and the power supply.

The PCAN-Router DR utilizes the NXP LPC21 series programmable microcontroller and the NXP PCA82C251 CAN transceiver. The Bit rate of the two channels can be set using a rotary switch. The setting applies to both CAN Channels upon reset (a recessed reset push button is provided for this function). Each CAN Channel has the option to have CAN termination (120 Ohm) activated on the unit, through switches on the circuit board.

The Yagarto software provided (contains the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) for C and C++) can be used to produce your own firmware and then transfer it to the module via CAN. Any PCAN PC interface, such as the PCAN-USB can be used for this purpose, utilizing the free PCAN-Flash PC software. The PCAN-Router is shipped with demonstration firmware which performs one-to-one forwarding of the CAN messages between the two CAN channels at whatever bit rate determined by the rotary switch. The corresponding source code is included.

Contents of Box:

  • PCAN-Router DR in DIN rail plastic housing
  • Mating connector for both CAN channels, RS232, and power supply
  • Windows development software (Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain, flash program)
  • DVD with library, programming examples, and manual


  • Two High-Speed CAN Channels (ISO 11898-2)
  • Customizable Firmware
  • NXP LPC21 Series Microcontroller (16/32-bit ARM CPU)
  • Bit Rate up to 1 Mbit/s (adjustable via a rotary switch)
  • Switchable Termination for each CAN Channel
  • Status LEDs for CAN Channels and Power
  • 5 kV Isolation for CAN Channel 1
  • 500 V Isolation for CAN Channel 2
  • Extended Operating Temperature -40ºC to 85ºC (-40ºF to 185ºF)
  • DIN Rail Mounting Plastic Enclosure
  • DVD with Programming Examples

Documents and Drivers


PCAN Router DR User Manual


PCAN-Router DR Package
Package includes all files for development (Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain, flash program, and programming examples).

Windows® software for flashing firmware via CAN

CAN Download Support
View the available Peak System downloads:





Phoenix 4-pin connector (CAN, Power and RS-232)


NXP LPC21 Series (16/32-bit ARM)


22.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm (W x H x D)






15 - 90 % non-condensing RH


External 32 kbyte EEPROM


DIN Rail




  • 8 to 30 V DC
  • Power consumption: approx. 110 mA at 12 V

Product Weight

101 g


  • ISO 11898-2
  • High-speed CAN 2.0A (standard) and 2.0B (extended)


Windows Development Software (Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain, flash program)

Temperature Range

  • Storage: -55ºC to 125ºC (-67º to 257ºF)
  • Operational: -40 ºC to 85 ºC (-40ºF to 185ºF)

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