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securityProbe 5E Standard



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The securityProbe 5E Standard is the new cost effective way of getting all of the benefits of the securityProbe 5E, without the video. For large systems, using the securityProbe 5E and E-sensor8 8-port expansion modules, lowers your cost per sensor port when compared to using 3 or more SensorProbe8's - plus you get all of the advanced securityProbe5E features as well!

Using our range of Intelligent Sensors you can monitor the physical environment and receive alerts for intrusion, security breaches, high or low temperature, smoke, water leaks, power outages and more.

Up to 8 Intelligent Sensors can be connected to the securityProbe 5E Standard. When plugged in, sensors automatically configure themselves and go 'online'. Using the either the E-sensor8, or the E-opto16 expansion modules, up to 600 sensors can be connected to a single unit. Our easy-to-use port numbering system allows you to setup the securityProbe 5E Standard within minutes. hen online, the sensors use their 4 levels of threshold checking and report any status change.

Notifications and alarms can be dependent on the states of multiple sensors, and can be configured to escalate in severity over time. The notification system can alert you of a problem via email, SMS (text) messages and telephone calls (additional hardware required), or send a message to any commercial network monitoring system using SNMP traps. The securityProbe 5E Standard can automatically switch a relay on or off, wake-up or shutdown a remote server, send data via FTP, send a FAX, run your custom script and many more versatile functions.

The securityProbe 5E Standard can automatically push out the complete status of the unit and sensors via the Heartbeat Message feature. This can be setup to be sent through e-mail, SMS or SNMP traps. A HTTP get script can also be used, allowing the data to be pushed to a web server.

The securityProbe 5E Standard utilizes the Linux Operating System running on an iMX25 CPU. It features a 2 Gigabyte SD card to provide greater capacity.

The securityProbe 5E Standard provides advanced monitoring over your network. It is TCP/IP compliant and runs the lighttpd web server including https (SSL), Bash, Perl, Telnet, PHP, Email and Nagios.

The securityProbe 5E Standard has an easy-to-use web-based user interface for sensor configuration, data collection and extensive graphing. Complete SNMP functions such including SNMP v3 encryption are also supported. The web-page interface is written in PHP, thus allowing the end-user to make changes, such as translating the text into other languages.

The securityProbe 5E Standard also supports Modbus Master / Slave, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP, creating a unique, easy to configure Modbus to SNMP gateway.

The securityProbe 5E Standard has a battery backed time of day clock for accurate time stamping of events.

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