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User Instrument Panel Add-in for PCAN Explorer 6


MPN: IPES-006088

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The Instruments Panel provides users with the ability to establish their own arrangement of controls, displays, and switches. It is also possible to generate different signals on the CAN bus due to the controllers and integrated input options; thus, enabling an effortless simulation of complex CAN applications. The add-in allows digital and analog signals to be represented graphically using various display instruments.

User Instrument Panel Add-in

  • Representation of analog and digital signals from received CAN messages using different display instruments
  • In addition to potentiometers, switches, and sliding controllers, input fields can be used to generate CAN messages
  • New instruments like an analog 360° gauge and a shape element for displaying squares, rectangles, circles, and ellipses
  • Selection and configuration of multiple elements at the same time
  • Extensive configuration of the properties of one or more elements using the property window
  • The Instruments Panel object model enables complete automation using COM and scripts
  • Representation of different scenes on the same panel during runtime
  • Signal-dependent display of image lists and scenes
  • Free positioning of the instruments using drag & drop, or numerical inputs for spot-on positioning
  • Loading and storing of complete panel configurations
MPN IPES-006088

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