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WiPort Wireless Modbus Module(RTU / ASCII / TCP)

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Manufacturer: Lantronix

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Product Information

Product Description

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Design certified WiFi 802.11b/g wireless Modbus into your Modbus serial product using WiPort Modbus; a device server packaged inside a single package. The WiPort Modbus module is meant to be connected to your product's embedded microprocessor serial UART or used stand-alone in a communication adapter card. Your product's Modbus serial interface can then become a WiFi port. This WiPort Modbus will take your serial Modbus interface and convert it to wireless 802.11 b/g Modbus/TCP packets without changes to your software.

A web server is also built in to the WiPort Modbus which allows you to design your own pages and interface with your product using Java. There are additional pins and functions that can be used as general purpose inputs or outputs. A 40 pin connector on the bottom of the WiPort Modbus brings out the external interface connections.

WiPort is certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This certification offers solution providers and OEMs automatic FCC approval for devices implementing WiPort, ultimately eliminating the need for companies to run specific 802.11b/g testing.

The WiPort Modbus uses the Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol on the serial side and translates that serial data stream into Modbus TCP on the Ethernet side. All Modbus commands are supported.

We provide complete technical support for this product with knowledgeable engineers that know how to use the product. We offer phone support and on-line chat support during regular business hours.

Documents and Drivers


Modbus Protocol User Guide

WiPort Application Note


WiPort Modbus (GC-WIPORT-MB-01) Product CD


Baud Rate

Serial: Up to 230KMBaud




Wire for external mounting of antenna

Data Rate

802.11b/g 11Mbps to 1Mbps (g is 54Mbps)


  • Network: 10/100M Ethernet
  • Serial: CMOS (Asynchronous) 3.3V-level signals
  • Support for RS232, RS422 and RS485 serial modes



Product Weight

29 g



Temperature Range

-40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

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